Michael has been a exploring sound-as-art in over 30 countries for the past 30 years. He re-frames surroundings by  ‘composting sounds’ and waking up spaces by using a combination of natural sound phenomena, synthesis and ready-made objects to create location based sound works. His intent is to intervene with the current media-saturated culture by slowing down and listening deeper to the mysterious ‘otherness’ lurking quite literally under our collective noses.

Published internationally with several solo, group and collaborative shows his works are a constant testament of his tenacious ability to survive and work among vastly different cultural contexts. As a ‘professional foreigner’, he situates himself in challenging locations and works with found materials.

Recently he has been organizing listening sessions and creative sound-arts workshops in South Asia and acts as something of a cultural pollinator — bringing unheard sounds to places to share new experiences and techniques of media creation.

NEW radio work on framework

‘FARNE’ – an eight-channel aleatoric composition designed for a fern greenhouse Presented May 12 through June 10, 2012 as part of group show PLANTS TALK 2012 (Including also the sound works of Rolf Julius and Miki Yui) at the Gewächshäusern des Botanischen Gartens Potsdam in Potsdam, Germany.