what is orogenetics?

cropped-mount.gifOrogenetics is a word I invented – or falsely remembered in 1993 – when driving through the region of my birth (the laramide orogeny – northern Utah) – I have ever since used this word as a descriptor of my ‘in-between’ processes of a Life-Art-Experiment – seeing in the word ‘orogeny’ ‘oro’ ‘genesis’ I see then that my sense of a psychological ‘alchemical’ process as a key element to my work since the very beginning.

A ‘secret life of mountains’ – of ‘gold’ as a living entity – experienced through sounds, images, installations, works and living processes of movement, migration – bridging and transcending borders, designations, orientations, labels and fixed-ideas. A mercurial element that weaves a thread through all of my work…

AND – Orogenetics is and has been an eclectic ‘label’ for music that I feel emanates from this place. 

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