March  2016 mn2016 Two and a half years of relative retreat in the hills of the Siskiyou hills of southern Oregon - has provoked a fascinating germination process.  No internet at home, limited social contact, and a rich daily practice has lead me to a new situation and restart.   Moving now for my last summer in the hills before the next adventures begin -  provoking a goal to put online a vast amount of archives and new experiments - as well as notes and reflections.  Expect then to see this site grow - as well as new public presentations of my work happening here and there.    

UPDATING - personal bandcamp, NEW orogenetics bandcamp, youtube

    January  2015 IMG_0230 Have been living for over a year along Anderson Creek in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon. It's been a powerful year of completely new experiences making a marked shift from my past 12 years of traveling and making sound-art in Europe. Slowly now I am re-integrating these two different ways of living - and beginning to create new works and plan new projects.  Part of which is the re-development of this website - Please have patience - will include a lot of new content and reflections.         Summer  2014
chasse & northam on shasta
On Location recording with Loren Chasse on Mt. Shasta - these sessions are the seeds of or new collaboration.
Since I have moved back to Oregon, I have been making occasional sessions with Loren Chasse who comes down from Portland to visit me with his family from time to time.  At the moment - there are some things fermenting, being re-worked, destined eventually for a new collaborative album.                         April  2014
Live immersive sound field presented in Mumbai, India April 2014.
My latest published recording: LE SEPTIÈME DÉGUISÉ EN NEUF