Currently heading to Nepal for a couple months – March 2023.
Aug-Nov 2022 – I completed a three month course in Punakha, Bhutan – teaching Sonic-Arts as an introduction to Sound Engineering. 
During 2021-2022 – was touring around in deserts and wilderness of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah – and was caretaker for Choying Dzong Gompa at Crestone Colorado for four months over the winter of 2021-22.

Next up sound work around Kathmandu with Luna Poets ‘Expression Expedition’ – March 18—28. 

Furthering into 2018 – I intend to research other places to present my listening sessions, sound research and other projects in India (likely going to Sikkim, Delhi, Himachal, Goa, Kerala) as well as Nepal.

There will be a couple projects with Amnesiac Films later in the year back in West Bengal

Keep posted on Facebook and/or the ‘Breaking Open the Ear’ page.

February 2018

Currently presenting work and developing projects with students of Santiniketan, Kala Bhavana in West Bengal, India.

The works are first an introduction to my particular applications to sound art – as an expressive medium of ephemeral experience as well as an entry point for developing awareness.

Projects will range from deep listening sessions, exploration of surface texture/patterns, improvisation with objects and spaces, field recording and sound poetry and other topics that the students will inevitably churn up.

My intention then is to offer a series of concentrated listening sessions at the NANDAN museum on campus as well as to offer a series of activities and discussion opportunities at the Center for interdisciplinary Arts throughout the month of February.

On the 3rd of March the students and myself will create an outdoor diffusion of sound works – with performative and site-specific elements.


December  2015 – January 2018

This period was a moment of research between relative isolation in the USA where I began a focused study of Vajrayana with teachers such as Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Khenpo Tswang Dongyal Rinpoche, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang and finally working at the Garchen Institute in Arizona with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche and the Sangha there.

November  2016 – March 2017

I managed to travel to India – where I began work with live ‘in-situ’ sonic explorations of temples, producing ‘intertwining’ with ChiMuk and others at HH Artspaces in Apora, Goa, participated in KIPAF2017 in Kolkata and gave workshops at Ashoka University in New Delhi and at the Vaayu space in Goa.

March  2016


Two and a half years of relative retreat in the hills of the Siskiyou hills of southern Oregon – has provoked a fascinating germination process.  No internet at home, limited social contact, and a rich daily practice has lead me to a new situation and restart.   Moving now for my last summer in the hills before the next adventures begin –  provoking a goal to put online a vast amount of archives and new experiments – as well as notes and reflections.  Expect then to see this site grow – as well as new public presentations of my work happening here and there.


UPDATING – personal bandcamp, NEW orogenetics bandcamp, youtube


January  2015


Have been living for over a year along Anderson Creek in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon.

It’s been a powerful year of completely new experiences making a marked shift from my past 12 years of traveling and making sound-art in Europe.

Slowly now I am re-integrating these two different ways of living – and beginning to create new works and plan new projects.  Part of which is the re-development of this website – Please have patience – will include a lot of new content and reflections.



Summer  2014

chasse & northam on shasta On Location recording with Loren Chasse on Mt. Shasta – these sessions are the seeds of or new collaboration.

Since I have moved back to Oregon, I have been making occasional sessions with Loren Chasse who comes down from Portland to visit me with his family from time to time.  At the moment – there are some things fermenting, being re-worked, destined eventually for a new collaborative album.

April  2014

mn_cama Live immersive sound field presented in Mumbai, India April 2014.

My latest published recording: LE SEPTIÈME DÉGUISÉ EN NEUF