"Breaking Open the Ear" - immersive sound experience workshops at Polyphony Studios and Ashoka University, New Delhi, India - and created such workshop at Vaayu, Goa.

"five elements along the ghats" - sponateous sound, performance, live-drawing actions along the Ghats of Varanasi/Benares with ChiMuk, Suresh K Nair and Mukesh P Tiwarya.

KIPAF17 - various onlocation recordings during Kolkata International Performance Art Festival - created portable sound installations for accompaniment and collaboration with other participants - created "Sleep Action" all night sound work for deep collective dreaming as part of KIPAF17 - Soundcloud Link

"temple recordings" - survey of temple acoustics of Hampi Temple Complexs, Hampi, India

"intertwinings" - immersive sound experience in collaboration with Nikhl Chopra, Mithun Sheshagiri, ChiMuk, Enith Maria, Kuru Cirkus - HH Art Spaces Goa, India


Shifted to 'Pelican Claim' - a remote off-grid studio, cabin located at 3600' in a remote valley near Talent, Oregon


Ending of cycle of 'research' into Unusual "spiritual" groups located in southern Oregon.

Began study of Longchempa and Dzogchen texts.


Moved to 'the barnacle' - Talent, Oregon

sabbatical period continues - reflection time among guides within the Siskiyou mountains of southern Oregon

"the way of light" - immersive sound installation as part of collaborative 'expanded cinema' project with Shumona Goel, Tabasheer Zutshi and Avijit Mukul Kishore C.K. Cama Hall - Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, India

"Le Septième Déguisé En Neuf" ‎- CD - published OBS, Rostov on Don, Russia cd reflecting the period of change between September 2012 and September 2013 and my movement between Europe and the Pacific North West


Life-Art relocation experiment - Talent, Oregon


Residency Villa Waldberta - Feldafing (*Munich) Germany

'BARDO' - live six channel sound work for performance piece of Judith Egger - Munich, Germany

‘FARNE’ for PLANTS TALK 2012 at the Botanischer Garten der Universität Potsdam in Potsdam, Germany. {an eight-channel aleatoric composition for ferns}

Корлигон ‎(with Hitoshi Kojo and Yannick Dauby) - CD - published OBS, Rostov on Don, Russia


Personal assistant to Catherine Christer Hennix

Presentation of 'Frozen Illuminations' on WDR german radio.

‘WATCHTHINGSGROW’ for PLANTS TALK 2011 at the Tropical Botanical Garden of Witzenhausen, Germany. {an eight-channel aleatoric composition for ferns}


Leuvan, Lyon, Madrid, Valencia Performances in duet with Manu Holterbach.

Geneva, Milan, Vittorio Veneto, Genova, Bologna, Roma, Torun Performances in duet with Francesco Cavaliere (as MOLLUSCA).

Monza, Italy Performance collaboration with Adrian Shephard (with Francesco Cavaliere) during the Harta Art Action event

Kemio Island, Finnland Meeting and improvisation with Shakuhachi with Antti Tolvi.

Jokkmokk, Sweden Recording work and performance with Nina Valhberg.

Cazalla, Spain 'intro:muros' festival - solo performance.

Berlin, Germany Curating and hosting a series of 'Listening Salons' at Grimmuseum.

Extension of visa and slow growth of projects - including extensive collaborations with Francesco Cavaliere, Marcel Türkowsky, Christopher Kline (in collaboration with his 'Snakebraid' project).

Meetings with C.C. Hennix and Ganesh Anandan.

Cassette - Solar Night published on Mirror Tapes (kuala lumpur , malaysia)

Cassette - Hiding in a Church (St. Maurice with Jason Honea) published on Nothing Out There (france)

CDr - Frozen Illuminations published on Nothing Out There (france)

Berlin, Germany Relocated from Brussels to Berlin in spring. Began to establish visa and working base. regular sound improvisation with butoh dancers. Begun regular meetings with Werner Durand. Valencia, Spain Participation in the OBSERVATORI 2009 festival in collaboration with Loren Chasse. Delemont & Porrentruy, Switzerland 'Pont Sonore BelJu' event - installation & performance. La Pommerie, France five week residency with KODAMA - documentation: part one,part two, final exhibit Berlin, Germany Various events organized through winter: performances withHOKURO and Julia Vitalis, public action STANDING WAVES at Radio Aporee, solo installation/performance SEPIA DREAM at Grimmuseum opening. Meetings with Hillary Jeffery, Francesco Cavaliere. 12" vinyl - Turning Leaf Migrations with KODAMA published onOlde English Spelling Bee (brooklyn, ny) CD - Golden Shadow with Jatin Vidyarthi published on Semperflorens (russia) CD - Moriendo Reniscor with Seijiro Murayama published on Xing Wu (klang, malaysia) CD - An Opening of the Earth : Recovered with Martin Franklin published on Faria (st. petersburg, russia)


Bombay, India sound design for shumona goel's 'family tree' Varanasi, India Studied Khayal music with Pashupati Nath Mishra Bhopal, India Dhrupad vocal residency with the Gundecha Brothers Ghent, Maastricht, Münster, Berlin tour of 'mnemonic debris 08' @ courtisane, audioscoop, auf abwegen event, das kliene field recording fest Loitz, Germany 'peeneaale2008' installation of 40-channel sound system for an event organized by Mike Hentz & co Berlin, Germany collaborative sessions with a number of people - including Ben Owen, Jason Honea, Melanie Velarde, Sachiyo Honda, Marcel Türkowsky, Benjamin Aman Brattleboro, Vermont sound design for John Digeorge's REDBELLY 'the otolith' - with Loren Chasse published on Helen Scarsdale (san francisco, california)


Living in various places in France volunteering @ Nalanda Monastery, Lavaur and Dhamma Mahi, Champignelles. living in Lormes Beginning study of Shakuhachi Brussels, Belgium sessions with Sabri Meddeb and Fred MarbaixAntwerp, Belgium 'Suspension Work for INBETWEEN' compostion for dance company Wego Toronto & Indianapolis KODAMA performances New York, New York 'membrane seeding' sound/video installation @ Whitebox & performance for PERFORMA Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, India travel and residency @ Adishakti Theater Arts


Ending of project with CLOUDMIRROR Brussels, Belgium residencies @ Nadine & Bain Collective. various performances solo and as KODAMA Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland EMANATE performances (wtih Hitoshi Kojo, Yannick Dauby & Wan-Shuen Tsai) Prague, Czech Republic live performance @ Skolska Gallery Berlin, Germany 'erase and reset'12 hour improvisational session with seven other improvisors Ljubliana, Slovenia lecture 'Sound as Experience' @ Famul Stuart Herne, Germany 'mnesis' - installation of 10channel sound work. New Delhi, India residency and presentation of 'sound pagoda nr.1' @ KHOJ workshop. Khajuraho, Varanasi, India travel - met Michael and Charlotte Cain miniCD - GO published on ferns (paris, france) CD - automnal 2003 published on and/OAR (seattle, washington)


Epesses, Switzerland Art direction and curation of seven CD releases on CLOUDMIRROR Fribourg, Switzerland 'medusa' live KODAMA performance organized with My Cat Is an Alien Geneva, Switzerland curated VERNALflux all night performance (featuring Giancarlo Toniutti, jgrzinich & eku, Shejingren and Jonathan Coleclough and Geoff Sawers) Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden travel, performances, improvisations. meetings with Lau Nau, fonal records folks Sõmerpalu, Estonia SUVEflux performance of all night sound with Hitoshi Kojo, Loren Chasse and John Grzinich Lille, France 'withinside' - installation of 12channel sound work. CDr - les chambres nuageuses as KODAMA published on Octpia (japan) CD - porous published on Sound Mirror (cully, switzerland) CD - molecular knot phase one published on Cloud of Statics (cully, switzerland)


Astoria, Oregon & San Francisco, California solo sound performances Epesses, Switzerland living and working to develop a residency center in Switzerland Switzerland, France, Italy tour with Loren Chasse Geneva, Switzerland Performance in Parc Promenade du Pin during Fete de la Musique organized by Cave12 Hyvinkaa, Finland to Mooste, Estonia 'Forage' collaboration/meeting with performance artist Tero Nauha and nomadic visionary Lars Larsson Met Maksims Shentelevs, Jan Anderzen Epesses, Switzerland Met Hitoshi Kojoand began project KODAMA Evreux and Paris, France Touring performances with ENTRELACS Lausanne, Switzerland 'les chambres nuageuses' installation and performance of KODAMA @ Theatre Arscenic CD - memoirs of four discarded objects - published from Editions... (atlanta, georgia) CD - wormwood (with Joel Stern ) was published from Groundfault (downey, california)


London, England living and working with artists and improvisors. participated in the Eddie Prevost improv workshops. collaboration with artist Judith Egger Liège, Aachen, Türnich, Rösrath living with various friends Beginning to practice Vipassana Meditation Epesses, Switzerland invitation to live and work in Switzerland Beginning of project with CLOUDMIRROR Met and began collaborations with Seijiro Murayama Glacier du Trient, Switzerland collaborated with Yannick Dauby for recordings and installations taking place on glaciers Montréal to Portland, Oregon via New Mexico travel and meeting with artists. Met Jonathan Benham, Steve Brand, Voice of Eye& Loren Chasse CDr - andapa with Judith Egger was published from Edition Graphon (munich, germany) CDr - molt and anecdote (solo) and underleafas ENTRELACS was published from S'agita (italy) 7" - cynorrodon as ENTRELACS was published from Drone records (bremen, germany)


Grenoble, France living and working @ Brise Glace artist collective Nice, Grenoble, Paris Touring performances with ENTRELACS Amsterdam, Netherlands residency & performance @ STEIM as ENTRELACS New York, New York live sound performance @ Experimental Intermedia Port Townsend, Washington residency @ Centrum arts center Portland, Oregon to Montréal via New Mexico movement Montréal, Canada live sound work as part of 'blank_field' Reading, England with Jonathan Coleclough for 'sea change' project - later aborted due to flooding in Leipzig London, England Radio shows on Resonance FM. Met Patrick McGinley, Joel Stern Valletta, Malta lived two months exploring archeological sites and composing work for Kunstradio ORF -GEBEL CDr - a great and riverless ocean was published from Mystery Sea (brussels, belgium)


Portland, Oregon Began study of Kirana Ghrana singing with Michael Stirling (student of Pandit Pran Nath) 'animating stillness' - installation about low frequencies with Jesse Engum @ the PNCA'the posture queen' - sounddesign for Hand2Mouth theater with Seth Nehil Prindle, Washington 'nexus of sensibility' - 13 hour body/site/material action performance St. Pölten, Austria 'circulating phases' - installation @ the KLANGTURM Udine, Italy staying with John Duncan and Giuliana Stephanie at the time of 9-11. Decision to stay on in Europe. Grenoble, France living and working @ the Brise Glace artist collective met Yannick Dauby, Manu Holterbach and Sophie Durand and many others. Nice, France lecture @ Villa-Arson, began project ENTRELACS CD - :coyot: was published from Erewhon (liège, belgium)
CD - from within the solar cave was published from Absurd records (athens, greece)


Portland, Oregon living and working as a temp graphic production artist Prindle, Washington helped to organize a series of full participation weekends at Theodore Holdt and Sara Mapelli's home in the columbia river gorge Seattle, Washington and Valencia, Spain 'entering molecular streams' - 12 channel installation of aeolian sound sources at the Arts in Nature and Observatori festivals. met Dale Lloyd Rome, Innsbruck, Vienna 'slow red, circulating green' solo sound performances Dublin, London duet performances with Michael Prime. Sessions also with Fergus Kelly and Morphogenesis CD - belle confusion 0247 with Francisco López was published from .absolute. records (seattle, washington) 12" - many rivers move along the surface of the magnet was republished from ERS (amsterdam, netherlands) CDep - breathing towers was published from Dorobo records (victoria, australia)


Portland, Oregon living and working as a temp graphic production artist met Bobbin John Michael Eirth first time to work with sound on a computer. Began work for many projects - including :coyot:, from within the solar cave. began correspondence with Giancarlo Toniutti CD - fibres was to be published from Gnome records (york, england) - and was shelved 2 x 12" lp - amalgam with ORA (Darren Tate and Colin Potter) was published from Editions... (atlanta, georgia)


Austin, Texas 'still born and incandescent' physical action with ERG sound performance 'harvest of vectors' long wire installation & ERG performance - live performance included Josh Ronsen San José, Costa Rica travel to ecological research center with Francisco López and solo performance in San José Lavaud Pacaud, France 'le nid' long wire installation & ERG performance @ event organized by Cédric Peyronnet Linz, Austria last ERG performance Helsinki, Finland 'filtering the current' - seven wind harps installed on Suomenlinna Island and amplified in an old bunker. Presentation and lecture @ Sibelius Academy. This is the source for the composition :coyot: Hamburg, Liège, Caen, Paris, Wroclaw solo sound performances - significant meetings with Slavek Kwi, Pierre Berthet, Patrick Delges, Eric Cordier, Eric LaCasa Kathmandu, Pokhara, South Mustang - Nepal travel and field recording York and Preston, England Meetings with Darren Tate and Colin Potter.


Austin, Texas performances with Carmen Resendez, John Grzinich and Seth Nehil 'the center cannot hold' live sound performance with visuals by Luke Savisky 'the stomach of the sky' 4-hour minimal improvisation @ Ellen Fullman's Candy Factory studio - release event for the CD. Intensive research into Rene Daumal begins - as well as collective discussions about David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, J. Krishnamurti, and further topics. Significant attendance to Ilya Prigogine's lecture series on Indeterminacy in New Science. Significant meeting Stan Brakhage ‘chakraphonics’ – Live sound processing during seven hour performance with Linda Montano and Ellen Fullman‘suk•kah (shelter)’ – Live sound work for dance-theater performance choreographed by Bryan Green CD - Stomach of the Sky was published from Staalplaat (amsterdam, netherlands)


Seattle, Washington Began regular 'camping & recording' sessions - culminating in Acoustic-Geographic SurveysMet Jeph Jerman, Golden Climax Twins'‘five dreams from below the great magnetic bight’ - an installation of wire drone devices @ Wall of Sound. Recordings for Stomach of the Sky were made. Austin, Texas returned to to Texas - met Josh Ronsen, Rick Reed among others. Invited John Grzinich do a sound project together. Later to be called 'ERG' Busswil & Bern, Switzerland one month residency with John Grzinich'nine irregular waves with perpendicular interference collectors' a multiple long wire installation @ Berner Gallery Florence, Longiano, Caen, Nijmegen, Koblenz, Hamburg, Bydgoszcz, Worclaw, Leipzig ERG tour - met Luca Miti, Francesco Michi, Johannes Dimpflmeier, Felix Kubin, Uli Rehburg, Mike Hentz, Klaus-Peter John, Bernhard Günter mastering of Stomach of the Sky at B. Günter's 7" - Condensation published on Povertech (Sacramento, california)


Prague, Czech Republic worked as a graphic designer began organizing events with Martin Janícek sound works for theater group Teatr Novogo Fronta made first wire installation 'ebb I' @ Alternativa Komotovka Amsterdam, Netherlands stayed at an artist community Madrid, Spain visited with Francisco López Morocco, Spain, France, Netherlands, England, Austin to Seattle non-stop movement across various landscapes in a period of a few weeks origin of the word OROGENETICS Seattle, Washington met with artists such as Key Ransone, Daniel Menche, Eric Lanzilotta.Installed wire piece 'ebb II' @ Cornish College Cassette - Many Rivers Move Along The Surface Of The Magnet published on Isomorphic (seattle, washington)


Austin, Texas very active with organizing and curating events: 'paragon5' minimalist improvisation with 4 performers with Carmen Resendez, John Grzinich, David Avery'four of one' physical action performance between four performers on a railway yard with Carmen Resendez, David Avery and Kerthy Fix'4:15am' body/film/material action with Kerthy Fix Met Seth Nehil, Olivia Block - made 'tunnel' sessions Co-organized and curated INTERSECT multimedia eventBegan to focus on drones and wires as an entry point to sound. Location for Breathing Towers found - first try to record with Robert Ovetts and Adam Wiltze (interruped by surreal car crash) - master stereo recording done months later Austin, Houston, New Orleans spontaneous action performance for Crash Worship London, England moved to work with graphic designers. stayed with folks from Praxis Records Cassette - The Will to Dissolve - unpublished


Austin, Texas Began to further develop my 'organic-feedback' techniques for producing sound from very low tech sources. Made many Sound-Poetry experiments - formed the group ESOPHAGUS spontaneous action performance for Crash Worship Met John Grzinich live performance with Francisco López CD - Opening of the Earth with Martin Franklin was published on SDV (düsseldorf, germany)


Frankfurt, Zurich, Bern, Bordeaux, Berlin, Prague, Budepest (Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech and Hungary) Met Marc Behrens, Rudolf, Joke Lanz, Guido Hubner & Isabelle Chemin, Dead Chickens, among many others. made live performance with Marc Behrens @ Neu-Klang festival live sound work with CO Caspar's self made instruments Austin, Texas moved back to work more with N D magazine. Lived in a van for six months. 'Squaring the Circle' - Video -  -published on a video compilation from Switzerland. 'Opening of the Earth'  'Ground' - Cassettes - (mixed at Rudolf and Marc Behren's studios) published while traveling from SFCR (Bordeaux, France)


Continue work with N D magazine. Graphic Design and reviewing new music first year of travel and life-school, meetings with international artists Mexico seminal first travel alone outside of the united states. spent five weeks from northern Mexican ghost town of Real de Catorce to Palenque in Chiapas. Witnessed a 5+ min total eclipse at San Blas Bloomington, Indiana Mixed and edited the video edition of N D nr.11 Left with a one-way ticket to Europe - traveled by hitchhiking for 10 months. London, Windsor and Newcastle, England Met with Martin Franklin, Shaun Caton, André Stitt, Ben Ponton, Robin Storey, Nigel Ayers. Recording Opening of the Earth at Martin Franklin's Linkebeek, Nijmegen, Henglo, Rösrath (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany) Met Volker Hamann, EXTRApool folks, various mail artists, Mary Bauermeister Berlin, Prague (Germany, Czechoslavakia) Met Karla Sachse, CO Caspar, many young artists from the Prague Academie


Austin, Texas relocation number one first involvement with N D magazine - first meetings with Daniel Plunkett and Rob Forman helped performances in Texas of: Zoviet-France, The Hafler Trio, Zbigniew Karkowski, Phauss, G.X. Jupitter Larsen during this time began first recordings using radio and primitive electronics helped with the production of UNDERCURRENTS exhibit - a history of underground cassette culture  at MexiArte, Austin, TX first live sound performance @ UNDERCURRENTS first publication - 'Another Object' - cassette - self-published documenting the first sound performances and collaborations


Bloomington, Indiana attended Indiana University for one year: studied Experimental Printmaking, Performance art (with Jean Paul Darriau) and Video Art produced many videos for local access television - documenting performances, dreams and further research into independent art movements. collaborations and meetings with local artists including painters, musicians and performance artists - including Bart Everson, Amanda Waggoner further experiments with cassette four-track published a small booklet (zine) of artwork with Amanda Waggoner - 'Regurgitate'


first travel to Europe during a short middle-school field trip Indianapolis, Indiana discovery and personal research into avant guard artistic movements - from dadaism to 'industrial' music. seminal discovery of the works of Brion Gysin, and William Burroughs. formative artistic practice - action painting, sculpture and naive performance work first experiments with tape recorders


growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana amorphous mid-west american childhood two significant journeys to the west coast passing through the deserts of the southwest and the rocky mountain regions of the united states much time spent traveling around the mid-west with father's auto-racing and extensive model airplane & helicopter activities


Born - Murray, Utah (1970) perinatal experiences son of a retired sprint car driver. mother and father from farming communities in rural indiana. two older brothers and two older sisters

earliest memory of family travel from Murray, Utah to the Pacific Coast in Mexico - distinct identification with mountains and desert landscapes attributed to this time


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