Preparations for 'Bardo' performance at Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany 2012
Since his earliest memories of family journeys through desert state of Utah, Michael Northam has been intimately and directly inspired by vast geographies, severe weather and other impressive natural events and places. This life long fascination of the phenomena of perception and experience faced with intimidating scales (large or small) continues to the foundation of his work with sound and images. His work is the continuation of more than 15 years active art-life-travel which has brought him to visit, work with, and learn from over 90 artists from over 50 locations in 25 countries. Through these various experiences he has woven a complex tapestry of influences into a very personal intuitive process of creation. He continues to rediscover relations between visual/physical and sonic structures via a continual activity in graphic design, photography and filmmaking parallel to the sound work. As well as finding and practicing links between 'sound as art/experience' and traditional 'musical' approaches, such as periods of study of Kirana, Kayal and Dhrupad vocal tradition with teaches such as C.C. Hennix, Pashupati Nath Mishra and the Gundecha Brothers.  He has a consistent approach to weave various traditions and approaches together to find a crossing points in sound of many traditions. He has established studios, organized events, made his own way independent of institutions and nationality now for over ten years through relocations between several countries. By now his work has been presented in over 15 countries with CDs published on four continents. He is ever surprised to discover new listeners and collectors of his music in the most disparate places—from Japan to Lapland from Moscow to Montana. Currently he has relocated to southern Oregon and has been in an intensive retreat period exploring the relations between his sound works and a germinating mission to apply his experience towards work involving teaching, sound as a trans-personal experience and an increasing imperative to be a part of the global shift of consciousness through applied artistic life action. He his recent work in collaboration with artists from Mumbai, India is a testament to this goal - 'The Way of Light' was perhaps the first of its kind combining 'expanded cinema,' immersive sound therapy and sacred art happening in the Kala Ghoda district of Mumbai, India.  He continues this research with collaborative works, improvisations and interactions with a variety of open ears and other dynamic characters he is meeting in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon and beyond.
Working in Tuscania, Italy 1996
Working in Tuscania, Italy 1996
Orogenetics above Paris - 1992