professional sound work

For nearly two decades I have been involved with developing audio assets and designing sound works for a variety of professional clients.

The work has ranged from live sound for dance and performance work, to film and documentary sound design, foley and post audio production.  I have also recorded and produced for audiobooks and am constantly recording high quality sound assets from nature as well as composing electronic based sound effects. 

My specialty comes from my nearly three decades working as an acousmatic composer who specializes in the weaving of organically sourced natural sonic phenomena and complex stochastically driven electronic works.  Between the two I have developed many skills to produce evocative, immersive, thought provoking sound spaces which add to the important living touch to any media project.

I am also independently researching the combined use of high end field recording work with portable sound generation via IOS (portable devices) to generate unique hybrid ‘electro-acoustic’ sound elements. I have a strong urge to enter into immersive sound programming spaces using the cutting edge game sound design software such as Wwise – and am actively looking for on-the-job training opportunities in this field.

Please be in touch if you are interested in collaborating. 

Whatsapp +977 98293 16042
Signal +1 707 400 3433

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